Trekking in the Everest region of Nepal
Trekking in the Everest region of Nepal

Heaven on Earth.  I didn’t believe it until I was there, but they say that no one visits Nepal only once. After you have been to this wonderful country, you DO need to go back. Not only do you go back for the incredible beauty of the mountains. You go back for the sincere welcome you receive from the people of Nepal.

The mountains will test your mettle. The altitude will test your stamina. The people will melt your heart. I’ve been to Nepal twice, hiking over 600 miles during my first trek and another 100 on my second trek. I will go back again. The mountains call.

If you are interested in traveling to Nepal, please feel free to contact me. I can link you to safe, honest trekking guide who will arrange everything for you!

imageAnd if you wish to donate $10 to Nepal, it will buy a child several days of food. The earthquakes in April and May of 2015 have taken the homes and schools of these children.  But he people are resilient and strong. They are rebuilding. But they need our help. Perhaps that cup of coffee from Starbucks is not needed today? A donation to the Red Cross, directed toward Nepal, could buy a child a week of food.

For more information about trekking in Nepal, I highly suggest that you take a look at this link!


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