Save the Monarchs!

Save The Monarchs!
Save The Monarchs!

The monarch butterfly population is decreasing.  Their numbers are down 90% from what they were in 1992.

Why is this happening?

The milkweed plant, the only source of food for the Monarch caterpillar, is down 90% from what it was in 1992 also.

What is happening to the milkweed plant?

Land development and widespread spraying of weed killer onto the fields where this plant grows is a major part of the problem.

Milkweed Plant
Milkweed Plant

The “Save Our Monarchs Foundation” is working hard to reverse the decline of the Monarch.  They promote the recovery of the monarch population one milkweed at a time. The Save Our Monarchs Foundation is solely dedicated to saving the monarch butterfly by planting more milkweed.

Please join them in helping save the monarch butterfly!

To get your milkweed seeds, please visit their website and sign up.  They’ll be happy to send them to you (5 packages for a donation of $5).  We need to act now to reverse the decline of the Monarch.

What a great project for schools and their Student Council organisations!

If you, or your class, want to help tag the Monarchs, you can do this too! Even second graders can take a part in this project. Tagging can actually be easier with the very small fingertips of 7 year old children. The adult holds the butterfly, and the child applies the tag. Here’s a link to help you get your own Monarch butterfly tagging kit with a data recording sheet to assist researchers track the migration of the monarch.

Or, you can call them directly at 1-800-780-9986



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