Diana Lynn Gibson
Diana Lynn Gibson

The stories that grab my attention right away are the silly stories that make me giggle right along with the kids.  Those are the kind of stories I like to write.

When you can can laugh along with the kids, you touch their heart. You connect with the child within you. A good story that earns a chuckle is worth its weight in Play-Doh!

Add in a story that is well-written in rhyme and carved with good meter and WHOA! The kids are hooked.

There is also room for stories that steal your heart. My story about a Monarch caterpillar and his metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly hits the target in this department.

I retired from teaching primary students several years ago. I also retired from the U.S. Army. And now, in-between the adventures my husband and I find ourselves mixed up in, I find moments to write. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to share it’s story!